Write Your Member of Government

Let the City Councillor, Member of Provincial and Federal Parliament know that you do not support the erasure of Polish heritage form the Roncesvalles Polish Festival. Call, send an email or a letter!

Below is a letter template you can copy or format to suit your intent.

Dear (name of Member of Government)

My name is __________. I am writing regarding the Roncesvalles BIA decision to remove the word “Polish” from the title of the Roncesvalles Polish Festival.

For 15 years this well loved festival has attracted over 350,000 annual visitors from across the World. It is the largest celebration of Polish culture in North America and a testament to Toronto’s unique diversity. Representatives from all levels of government have attended the Festival and celebrated the Polish-Canadian character of the event.

The decision by a handful of business owners to make the festival a generic commercial event goes against Canada’s commitment to multiculturalism, preservation of heritage and  the recognition of the Polish-Canadian community in shaping the unique character of Roncesvalles.

I ask that as a representative of Parkdale-High Park, your office make a statement affirming its commitment to Multiculturalism and ask the BIA to correct their name change decision by putting the word “Polish” back in the Roncesvalles Polish Festival.

Sincerely yours,

Gord Perks
City Councillor Ward 4,
Parkdale-High Park

Tel: 416-392-7919
email: councillor_perks@toronto.ca

Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West
2nd Floor, Suite A14
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N2

Bhutila Karpoche
Member of Provincial Parliament,
Parkdale–High Park

Tel: 416-763-5630
email: BKarpoche-CO@ndp.on.ca

Queen’s Park
Room 204, North Wing,
Main Legislative Building
Toronto, ON  M7A 1A8

Arif Virani
Member of Parliament,
Parkdale—High Park

Tel: 416-769-5072
email: Arif.Virani@parl.gc.ca

Constituency Office – Toronto
1596 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario M6P 1A7